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Hello and welcome to the first edition of the .js Summer Course!

This three month course will take you from the basics of how the web works up to some advanced concepts. We'll also have fun along the way!

Some of the technologies and concepts we'll go through are:

  • 💫 HTTP - the main protocol of the internet, this simple plaintext protocol allows us to easily develop internconnected applications
  • 💬 REST - a standardized way to use HTTP in a predictable manner
  • 🚧 HTML - the language that defines a page's structure
  • 🖌 CSS - the "glittery" stuff that makes a page look pretty
  • JavaScript - the "magic sauce" that allows our webpages to be more than pretty pages of text and images

We'll also see exactly what goes on behind the scenes when a browse renders a page, as well as see how a server manages requests and clients. We'll even play a bit with Gravit, a web design tool.

Also, very important, we will dive into side-related stuff such as:

You can contribute, too!

This documentation isn't supposed to be a classic faculty course - feedback and direct input is very much appreciated! The documentation repository should be accesible to you, and you are able to create merge requests, submit issues or leave comments in order to provide your own contribution and improve the content available here.

Feel free to contribute, comment and give feedback everywhere you think it matters. And most importantly - don't forget to have fun! 😊